The King family build is moving along superbly! Weeks three and four have really made huge improvements on the house. Our volunteers have been hard at work as well. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication! This is what keeps Habitat going and keeps families’ dreams of owning their own home alive!

– The insulation is completely finished

– All siding on the outside of the house is completed

– All drywall has been installed and is currently being taped and mudded

If you would like to donate to the King family build, please visit the “About Us” page on this website and click on “DONATE” on the top left hand corner! All your support is very much appreciated!

God bless from everyone at Habitat Fairfield!

WEEK 3 – King Family Build in Pleasantville, OH

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As you can see, Devon King (featured last) is one happy camper!!!


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