King 5-24-13-16

Annia and Edward Keller will catch you by surprise. At first glance you may think they are just another couple, with years of experience and probably numerous grandchildren, but they are certainly all that and more. Having spent time with both Annia (“Anna”) and Ed for the past couple months every Friday at the ReStore, my heart has grown both in love and admiration for these caring, hardworking, tenacious and very funny people.

Annia and Ed heard about the Habitat program from the Fairfield Metropolitan Housing Authority only in February of 2013 and now Habitat for Humanity of Fairfield County is building a house for them in Lancaster beginning sometime in June. It seemed to them to be an answer to many years of prayers. They are not accustomed to the life of Section 8 housing, but it was something that after a series of unfortunate events, was also an answered prayer. Annia and Ed had worked all their lives and even afforded the luxury of private schooling for their four children since Annia worked for Christian Academy in Canal Winchester in exchange for their education.

The Keller’s planned to retire on the 25 acre property they purchased on land contract back in 1987. After thirteen years of making payments on the land, they finally placed a home there in 2000 so they could reap the rewards of homeownership and all their years of savings. All best intentions aside, Ed was diagnosed with cancer in 2001 and subsequently had a stroke – the cancer was removed successfully while he continued to work throughout all his health problems. The stroke unfortunately left Ed with lifetime physical problems and he lost his job shortly thereafter.

With Ed in the midst of physical disabilities, Annia tried to keep the family running, while taking care of Ed and continuing to work – a very stressful and trying time for her. All their hard work for all of those years came down to a single moment in their life when they could no longer manage to make their mortgage payment. They lost their home and their 25 acres in a foreclosure – but Annia and Ed Keller are not the kind of people to ever lose hope.

They are just as happy today as they were when Ed was driving his family around the country as a truck driver so many years ago. You will never get them down, you will never take away from them what they share together, and that is genuine love and trust in one another. They take care of each other just as they have always done and will continue to do. And after forty five years of marriage, you’d think Annia would tire of Ed’s sense of humor, but she still giggles every time he unfolds the list of jokes he carries around in his pocket and spurts out yet another one, “What do you call a dog that don’t have any legs – anything you want, it still ain’t gonna come.”

We need your help with raising money to build a house for the Keller’s. Please visit the “About Us” section and click on “Donate” at the top left of the page. We truly appreciate your generosity and so do the Keller’s!

Thank you and God Bless from everyone at Habitat Fairfield!