Scott & Tara Clark

Scott and Tara Clark are married with a daughter named Hailey (16), a son named Connor (12) and 2 large and adorable family dogs! For the Clark’s, having a decent, affordable house will change all of their lives tremendously! Scott, who was a member of the Navy, was discharged in 1992 and is now a Veteran proud to have served his country!

Unfortunately, Scott has been disabled (officially since 2007) and has been unable to secure a permanent job. Scott has back disc problems (he’s had 2 surgeries), nerve damage, lung disease, high cholesterol and his toes/nails have turned purple. Even with all of these ailments, he is facing the fact that his disability is scheduled to cease on November 6, 2016.

When things got hard, the Clark’s stood united and faced their problems head on. They joined the FMHA Self-Sufficiency program, and have both come a very long way while on assistance with FMHA. They learned to budget their money and use credit responsibly. They both followed all guidelines for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Over the two years they accomplished the following:

  • Scott obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.
  • Tara obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Specialized Studies with a concentration in Child Development, Social Work, and Women’s Studies.
  • Scott is looking to begin classes to obtain a Master’s Degree.
  • Tara and Scott began using credit responsibly to raise their credit score
  • Tara now works as a case manager at an Early Head Start in Circleville, Ohio

Once Tara gained employment utilizing her degree, FMHA had to end their contract early because they were out of the income guidelines. In addition to being a case manager, Tara has worked as a waitress at Texas Roahouse for the past 3 years. Hailey also works at the restaurant as a hostess.

For the past 7 years, the Clark’s have lived in a very old home in Stoutsville, Ohio. Currently, they pay $700/month and have never been late in the 7 years. During their home visit, Tara and Hailey showed me the below problems with the house:

Sinking floors – there is a lake beneath the house
Furnace is inoperable
Stove is inoperable – cannot prepare food in it
The screen is missing from the front door, allowing an infestation of flies from the outside dumpster
Black mold is present in the floor padding
Small hot water tank – 2 showers at night & 2 in the morning
Central air system is inoperable
No one goes in Connor’s room – too many dips in the floor
Floors are sinking underneath the dog’s cages

Scott and Tara are good, hardworking people who have persevered and created better opportunities for themselves and their family! They understand the definition of self-sufficiency, and are in turn teaching and modeling the same for their children. Obtaining a Habitat home would prove to them that hard work, consistency, sacrifice and service pays off!