Volunteer of the Month / April 2013 / Greg “Catfish” Wilson

Greg is very special to us here at Habitat. Whenever we need something done at the ReStore, Greg is there to help. When the truck comes back full of donations, Greg will stay until close making sure that everything is unloaded and ready for sale. Not only does he dedicate two to three days per week helping us here at the ReStore, he also lives in a Habitat home.

Back in 2008, Greg and his wife applied for a Habitat home after years of renting. After going through all of the coursework, Habitat and the Wilson’s entered into a contract together to build the Wilson’s a home. The work on their house began and they moved in in April of 2009. Four years later, Greg is still enjoying his home and gives back every week through his volunteer work at the ReStore.

Greg, we sincerely appreciate everything that you do here at the ReStore, and we are very grateful for your willingness to give back.